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Business-to-Business Marketing that Gets Results™

Wahl Marketing is a business-to-business marketing communications agency. We don’t just dabble in the industrial marketplace…we live here. We know what it takes to sell capital goods to multiple layers within a company, and how to sell consumable products. We realize that an effective message is one that speaks to the right target audience at the right time. When we do that, your telephone rings, your e-mail inbox is jammed with inquiries, and you sell more product.

One way that we do this is with our unique publicity program that deliver 5-times more exposure than can be purchased with advertising - using the same budget. Call, write or fax us today to see how we can generate more awareness of, interest in, and sales inquiries for your products!


  • Advertising planning and media placement
  • Literature development – including catalogs, brochures, sell sheets, training materials, operating manuals, and more
  • Direct marketing programs
  • Video scripting and project management
  • Website development
  • Search-engine optimization
  • Online advertising & marketing


Wahl Marketing
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Business-to-Business Marketing that Gets Results™