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Editors get their information from companies like yours, and agencies like mine. An aggressive, proactive publicity effort should be the cornerstone of virtually any marketing program. Why? Because product releases, articles and application stories run in the best read sections of the magazine. And they have inherent third party credibility that you cannot get from advertising. Editorial mentions are far more believable than ads - any company, any ads, doesn't matter.

While there are no guarantees with PR, we write materials that get picked up. Check out the coverage we achieved for our client, Fecon, in the October issue of Forest Products Equipment - a cover shot and a 3+ page article inside.

If articles are the "home runs" of PR programs (and covers are the grand slams) then product releases are the "base hits." Sometimes these run as a photo with a couple paragraphs - other times they occupy more space - like the 4+ columns we achieved in the October, 2004 issue of Family Handyman magazine for Ready Products. This issue was read by over a million people - the space would cost over $100,000 if purchased as advertising - but more importantly when it hit the newsstands, online and retail sales were boosted dramatically!

How hard are your ad dollars working?
Our relentless effort pays big dividends for your marketing program - with increased awareness, sales inquiries, and sales. While we realize that the end-game is increased sales, these can be difficult to track back to specific starting points - especially with long-term sales like capital equipment. One way to measure effectiveness is through the space that we generate. We track results and compare them with adverting equivalents (what the space would cost if you purchased it as advertising - which is the only other way to get it). Although programs vary depending upon many
factors, our clients are averaging ROI (value of space divided by cost of the program) of 400% to 2500% or 4 - 25 times more space than you could buy as advertising with same budget.

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Business-to-Business Marketing that Gets Results™